About Us

About Us.


Every pet parent deserves to have access to the tools, tips, and insights they need to keep their pets in their best health at every life stage, and we’re making that happen.

Our team is dedicated to providing access to accurate pet health information because we are pet parents, too. That’s why PetMD collaborates with veterinarians to ensure that you get the information you need from the pet experts that know the most—veterinarians.


Veterinarians are essential in our mission to bring you the most detailed and current information. We actively partner with a network of credible veterinarians to help write, review, and update our content continuously.

This way, the information pet parents find on PetMD is reflective of the most recent and up-to-date studies, evolving veterinary methods, modern ideologies, and newly discovered treatments.


Our editors work directly with veterinarians to write, review, and update the content on PetMD. Our network of veterinarians write the content, which we will mold for an online audience. We actively consult with each veterinary writer to make sure that every piece of content that goes live has the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Also, since the world of veterinary science is constantly evolving, we know that the information we provide needs to evolve along with it. So all of PetMD’s content is continuously reviewed and updated as a part of our editorial strategy to ensure accuracy.