The term used to refer to a stray or lost animal, as in a sheep

warm blooded animal

Any bird or mammal that has a body temperature higher than their environment.


Any area in which rabbits are bred, kept, and raised


A type of growth or tumor on the skin of an animal; it is covered with epithelial and looks much like the body part it is attached to.


To remove an animal from a dependent state on the milk of its mother


A device that can be used to help assist a young animal in becoming independent of its mother’s milk

weaning ring

A type of ring with spikes on it; it is attached to the muzzle of a young animal to keep the mother from allowing it to nurse.


The term used to refer to an animal that has just been taken off of its mother’s milk.


The name for a certain tumor

wet band

A group of female animals with young that are young enough to nurse

wet mare

A female horse that has given birth and is nursing a foal

wet sheep

The term for sheep with lambs who are still suckling


A smooth, raised wound that itches


The process of delivering canine young; the birthing of canines


A type of worm that lives in the intestines of certain living things; a type of parasite


a) The term used to refer to a wild animal b) The term used for a seedling that is grown without the help of a nursery

winged web vaccination

The process of injecting a vaccine into the skin underneath the elbow on a bird

winter pause

In poultry terms, the lack of egg production during the winter months


The dorsal part of the horse between the scapula

wolf teeth

The first molar in a horse; this tooth is shed as the horse ages

worm nest

A term used to refer to a spot on the body of cattle; it may protrude and is known to contain worms.


Term used to refer to an animal to whom a deworming agent has been administered.

wry tail

The tail of an animal that is permanently cocked to one side