A group of four associated chromosomes


An animal having four feet

qualitative traits

Traits that are controlled by a small number of genes, like horns, coat color, etc.

quantitative traits

Traits that are not readily apparent and have to be measured in order to determine, like the rate of growth or the quality of the carcass


a condition in which an animal must be controlled in some manner in order to prevent a disease from spreading

quarter boot

A piece of leather that goes around the front foot of a horse to prevent striking with the hind foot

quarter clip

A clip that is placed on the horse shoe to prevent slippage; goes on the outside or inside of the quarters on the shoe

quarter crack

A split in the hoof wall of a horse du e to improper shoeing or trimming.


The various parts of the horse above the legs, like the hips


Fourth in sequence or order


Giving birth to young kittens


A medical condition; horses drop food out of their mouths while eating


A medical condition in which the coronet becomes festered