Tired of Porch Pirates? This Woman Will Sell You Horse Manure to Get Revenge

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Porch pirates—thieves that steal packages from people’s doorsteps—have increasingly become a problem for people all over the US. And during the holiday season, having a package stolen that’s filled with presents for family and friends can be extremely upsetting and stressful.

One woman has decided to take a stand and help others deter porch pirates—or even get revenge.

After seeing Mark Rober’s glitter bomb trap package on the news, Madeline Graitge was inspired to create her own version of the porch pirate trap, and to help others do the same. Graitge explains to Las Vegas Now, “If you steal people's stuff and you steal manure it's kind of what you have coming.” She continues, “Glitter is one thing and it never comes out, but with actual manure it's a little bit worse than oh there's glitter everywhere.”

She has created her own Facebook page called Package Pirate Deterrent, where she is planning to sell horse manure for one dollar to fill a small package and two dollars for a large package. She hopes this will help people keep their holiday packages safe and deter criminals from ruining someone’s day.

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