Kangaroo on the Loose in Jupiter Farms, Florida, Surprises Residents

Image via Greg Brave/

UPDATE: As of Thurdsay, Sept. 27, Storm the kangaroo has been located and caught. 

Early Tuesday morning on Sept. 25, a few of the residents of Jupiter Farms, Florida were met with quite a surprising sight. A kangaroo had escaped from its animal sanctuary and was seen hopping around the roads.

One citizen posted a video of her encounter with the kangaroo on Facebook and it has quickly been picked up by news outlets and shared across Facebook.

The kangaroo, identified as Storm, a 4-foot-tall male, escaped from Eric Westergard’s home Monday evening, where Storm lives with six other kangaroos. Westergard explains to The Palm Beach Post that while his kangaroos are mostly laid back, sometimes they can get spooked by loud noises or perceived predators, which can cause them to flee.

It is rare for the owner of exotic animals to come forward if their animal goes missing, as owners are usually missing the proper paperwork to legally house the exotic animals. But, this is not the case with Storm. Westergard has all the proper licenses for his kangaroos and is working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to find Storm and bring him back home.

As of Wednesday morning, Sept. 26, WPBF 25 News reports that Storm the kangaroo is still on the loose.

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