Blind Dog Uses Seeing Eye Dog to Get Around

Samantha Schwab
Sep 25, 2018
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Image: Photo Grapher / via Image Bank

Image via Ginger and Kimchi/Facebook

Kimchi, a blind, Spaniel-type rescue, depends on Ginger, an 11-year-old Golden Retriever, to act as his Seeing Eye dog after going blind three years ago.

Ginger is “often steering him away from obstacles and danger,” and “Kimchi doesn’t mind being led around, for the most part anyway,” the dogs’ owners—a couple—write in a Facebook post.  “They are always paired when we go out,” the post says. “A guide dog, for a blind dog!”

Kimchi was adopted after the family visited the CARA Welfare Philippines rescue in 2012. Ginger and the family were initially set up to meet Angelo, another dog at the rescue, but they say that Ginger “bared her teeth at him and almost ripped him to shreds when he became too friendly.”

Then, they met Kimchi--and the two pups hit it off. Ginger even licked Kimchi during their first walk, which surprised his owners and helped them decide that Kimchi was the perfect companion for Ginger.

The couple learned that Kimchi had troublesome past; he was found a few months prior abandoned, sick and almost completely blind. Despite this, the couple knew he was meant to be a part of their family.

Though Ginger hasn’t received any formal training, she is happy to guide her little brother around while they’re out. “They don't mind being leashed to each other, they've been doing it for the last 3 or 4 years. They're comfortable with each other,” they explain in a Facebook post.

Inspired by the inseparable bond developed by the two pups, their owners became official volunteers at the CARA rescue. The pups also serve as “ambassaDOGS,” and provide service for their community.

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