Puppy Saves Her Mom With a Kidney Donation

Samantha Schwab
Nov 12, 2018
Image: Photo Grapher / via Image Bank

Image via Facebook/KWWL

The Murray family made the decision to donate their puppy’s kidney to her mother, Star, who was suffering from kidney complications that could only be resolved with a kidney with a familial match.

According to FOX 31, Star was undernourished and dehydrated when she gave birth to 13 puppies. Only nine survived and are thriving with their new families.

When Star was first found, she was brought into the Murphy Animal Hospital and was diagnosed with advanced kidney failure. A few weeks later, veterinarian Shannon Flegle, DVM, and her husband adopted Star and helped her to recover.

It wasn’t until recently that Star started showing new and very serious symptoms of severe kidney failure in dogs. This time, a kidney transplant was required and only a kidney with a familial match would work.

When the Murray family received a call from Dr. Flegle asking for the donation, they were sympathetic. “I could tell this was a mom, this was her baby, you know,” Jenny Murray tells the outlet. “She was going to do what she needed to do to save her baby.”

The surgery was performed successfully on October 10, and both dogs are predicted to live healthy, normal lives.

Video via FOX 31

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