Boy Receives Note From Beagle in 'Doggie Heaven' Thanks to Kind Postal Worker

Deidre Grieves
Jun 17, 2015
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Image: Photo Grapher / via Image Bank

Trying to explain the death of a dog to a young child is a difficult task for any parent. Kids don’t always comprehend the concept of death; all they know is that their playmate and friend is no longer around.

When Moe, the Westbrook family’s Beagle, passed over the rainbow bridge in April, Mary Westbrook decided to help her three-year-old son Luke cope by writing letters to Moe in doggie heaven. 

According to an essay that Westbrook wrote for Distinction Magazine, Ms. Westbrook sat down often with Luke at the kitchen table and crafted numerous letters to the beloved dog. The 3-year-old dictated and his mom wrote down everything. And “because you can’t fool a three-year-old,” Westbrook put the letters in envelopes and addressed them to “Moe Westbrook, Doggie Heaven, Cloud 1.”

Every time Luke and his mom wrote a letter to Moe, Westbrook placed the envelope in the mailbox, but would take it out before the mail carrier came each day. One day, Westbrook forgot to take the letter to Moe out of the mailbox and the mail carrier picked it up with the rest of her outgoing mail.

A few days later, Luke received an unstamped envelope in the mailbox that simply said “From Moe” in place of the return address. Westbrook opened the envelope to find a handwritten note that said, “I’m in Doggie Heaven. I play all day, I am happy. Thank you 4 being my friend. I wuv you Luke.

Westbrook writes that the gesture from their mail carrier “gutted” her. She says, “Moe came into my life 13 years ago and he made things more complicated and smelly — but also, well, wonderful. I still miss him every day. Receiving the note reminded me of the goodness of people and just how big a small gesture can really be. Here’s to Moe, in doggie heaven, and thoughtful postal workers everywhere.”

We’re sure that little Luke will appreciate the return note from Moe. 

Image: rook76 via Shutterstock

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