Canadian Airlines Get Catty Over Bringing Pets On Board

Vladimir Negron
Jan 07, 2011
1 min read
Image: Photo Grapher / via Image Bank

It seems as though Canadians traveling the skies this winter will have to deal with more than blizzards and closed airports. The Detroit Free Press reports that Canadian allergy specialists are arguing against bringing cats on board commercial aircrafts.

With studies showing that as much as ten percent of people are allergic to cats, the allergy specialists may have a point. Furthermore, a recent Swiss study found that cat dander was present on 100 percent of the European airline seats tested — even if no cat was on board at the time.

This is certainly nothing for Americans to sneeze at, either. All major U.S. carriers allow cats to ride in the passenger cabin, too.

Image: David Blackwell / via Flickr

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