Tail Slip in Gerbils

Treating and Preventing Tail Slip in Gerbils

Tail slip is a commonly seen condition in gerbils, marked by a loss of fur in the area of the tail and a loss of skin that is often described as a slipping off of skin. It is mainly due to improper handling such as picking up the gerbil by its tail. If allowed to become more severe, the only treatment for rotting of the tail due to tail slip is surgical removal (amputation) of the rotted portion of the tail from the healthy part.

Symptoms and Types

  • Loss of fur on the tail
  • Slipping of skin on the affected area of the tail
  • Exposure of underlying tissue on the tail
  • Rotting of the tail tissue


The most common cause of tail slip in gerbils is the improper handling of a gerbil such as picking the animal up by its tail.


Your veterinarian will diagnose tail slip by observing the gerbil's clinical symptoms.

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