Top Ten Reasons to Dress Up Your Pet

Kimberly Porter
Jan 11, 2012
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Fashionable Festivities ...

January 14 marks National Dress Up Your Pet Day. While it may not be a very well-known holiday, we here at petMD would like to offer up ten reasons why pet owners should indulge in this most festive day.

#10 Clothes Can Show Off Your Pet’s Personality

People use clothes to show off their personality, why shouldn’t your pet? Whether he's tough, flirtatious, smart or sassy, have him dress the part.

#9 You Wear Clothes, Your Pet Wants to Too

Does your pet want to follow you around? Sit on the couch when you sit on the couch? Go outside when he sees you heading to the door? If the answer is yes, it is safe to say that anything you do, your pet will want to do as well. We think that includes dressing up.

#8 It’s Probably Cold Outside Anyway

It’s January, which means that many places are experiencing very cold weather right now. So by participating in National Dress Up Your Pet Day, you will also be protecting him from the elements.

#7 What Pet Wouldn’t Want To Be the Center of Attention?

Is there anything pets love more than being the center of attention? No? We didn’t think so. Dress your pet up and he’s sure to receive tons of attention from anyone he comes across.

#6 Add a Little Variety to the Routine

The majority of days in a pet’s life are quite routine. Eating, napping, going for walks … Spice up life with a day that stands out from the rest.

#5 Worst Comes to Worst, the New Outfit Makes a Good Chew Toy

So your pet doesn’t like the outfit you picked out. Big deal. He’ll turn it into a chew toy instead and everyone will still be happy. (Of course, don't allow him to chew on anything he can possibly choke on.)

#4 Wacky Holidays Can Be a Bonding Experience

Even something as silly as spending a day dressing up your pet is time spent together, and your pet relishes it.

#3 You Can Rep Your Favorite Sports Team Even More

Sports fanatics rejoice! This day can be one more way to shout out to your favorite team. Sure they have a mascot already, but you know your pet is cuter anyway.

#2 You Can Get Matching Outfits

This goes hand-in-hand with your pet wanting to do what you do. Not only will your pet get to dress up, you’ll be matching! It doesn’t get much better than that.

#1 Excellent Photo Op

It is never too early to start planning for next year’s Christmas card, especially if you’re in matching outfits - that just screams Christmas card. Or at least a framed picture for your desk.

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