Past Winners of the Westminster Dog Show

Vladimir Negron
Feb 14, 2012
Image: John Ashbey
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Image: Mary Bloom
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Image: Westminster Kennel Club
Image: Westminster Kennel Club
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2013 - Banana Joe aka GCH Banana Joe V Tani Kazari

Michael Dougherty awarded 9 1/2-year-old Affenpinscher named Banana Joe Best in Show in 2013. This was a first for an Affen at the WKC Dog Show. Suits Banana Joe just fine, as he is said to retire after a long and rewarding career as a show dog.

2012 - Malachy aka Ch Palacegarden Malachy

Judge Cindy Vogels awarded a four-year-old Pekingese named Malachy Westminster's top prize in 2012. Malachy came close in 2011 after winning the toy group at Westminster, but lost to Hickory, a Scottish Deerhound. This was the fourth time a Peke won at Westminster, and the first since 1990.

2011 - Hickory aka Foxcliffe Hickory Wind

For the first time in WKC history, a Champion Scottish Deerhound was awarded Westminster's Best In Show (BIS) prize by Judge Paolo Dondina when it took the stage by storm in 2011.

2010 - Sadie aka Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot

Scottish Terriers are no strangers to the spotlight, and Sadie proved to judge Elliot B. Weiss that she could shine with her seven predecessors from 1911, 1945, 1950, 1965, 1967, 1985, and 1995 when the Best in Show award was given to her in 2010.

2009 - Stump aka Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee

In 2009, Judge Sari Brewster Tietjen discerned that this Champion Sussex Spaniel was the best of the best, and so awarded Stump the Best in Show prize. It was a first for the Sussex breed.

2008 - Uno aka Run’s Park Me In First

The WKC classifies Beagles in two different categories – 13 and 15 inch. Judge Dr. J. Donald Jones declared this Champion 15 inch Beagle named Uno the 2008 Best in Show winner, the first time a Beagle has received the award.

2007 - James aka Felicity’s Diamond Jim

English Springer Spaniels have taken away the Best in Show award a grand total of six times at the WKC dog show, in 1963, 1971, 1972, 1993, and 2000. James was the latest to take his place among the winners, in 2007.

2006 - Rufus aka Rocky Top’s Sundance Kid

2006 was the year of the Colored Bull Terrier when Rufus was bestowed the Best in Show award by WKC Judge James G. Reynolds, awarded to this particular breed for the first time.

2005 - Carlee aka Kan-Point VJK Autumn Roses

A Champion German Shorthaired Pointer named Carlee was the preferred pick of 2005 when Judge Mrs. Lynette Saltzman awarded her the Best in Show prize. The first time this breed was selected to receive the BIS prize was in 1974.

2004 - Josh aka Darbydale’s All Rise Pouch Cove

A Newfoundland named Josh brought his Champion breed to the forefront for the second time in the competition’s history by receiving the honor from judge Mr. Burton J. Yamada in 2003. The first time a Newfoundland won the BIS prize was in 1984.

2003 - Mick aka Torums Scarf Michael

Another first time BIS winner for its particular breed, this Kerry Blue Terrier named Mick impressed WKC judge Mrs. Irene Bivin enough to earn the Best in Show award in 2003.

2002 - Spice aka Surrey Spice Girl

Surrey Spice Girl is the third and most recent Miniature Poodle recipient of the BIS prize, to which judge Mr. W. Everett Dean Jr. granted the award in 2002. The non-Sporting group has received this distinction twice before – first in 1943, then in 1959.

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