Working Dogs: 'Man's' Best Friend, On the Field and Off


While some dogs are prized for their ability to stay pristine and fluffy while being fed special treats and sitting on silk pillows, others like to get out there and break a sweat. Here is a list of some of the more familiar "working" dogs.

On the Farm

Farm dogs are the quintessential working dog. Rugged, honest, and hard working. They round up sheep and cattle, and accompany the farmer on many missions (some even make it as small screen stars in sheep dog trial competition shows).

Guard Dogs

A guard dog doesn’t just bark and growl, it is on alert at all times, watching for intruders and protecting property. If you’re thinking of embarking on a career of breaking and entering, we don’t really recommend the old Hollywood plan of offering the dog juicy steak to distract it from your capers. These dogs are highly trained and disciplined.

Police Dogs

Police dogs are trained to help police in various areas of their work. Some are even trained to identify suspicious terrorist activities. There are also able to detain suspects once they have chased down a suspect.

Sniffer Dogs

Used in all areas of law enforcement, these dogs are trained to detect explosives, chemicals, and illegal drugs. Customs will often use them to detect the illegal importing/exporting of exotic animals and plants.

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