Top Five Reasons 'Moggies' Are Awesome

Vladimir Negron
Nov 21, 2011
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Moggies Are Sooo In

No, we haven’t lost our marbles, nor is “moggy” some strange, new cat breed. It is the loving British slang word for non-pedigree cats (aka Domestics) -- and they're awesome. Not convinced yet? Here are the top five reasons moggies take the cake (and the litter box).

#5 They're Robust to the Brim

It’s nature. When animals can breed on their own, nature has a way of selecting the best genes, allowing the strongest and the fittest to be born. A moggy is often genetically primed to be healthier, smarter, and more robust than her purebred cousins. In fact, many moggies have been found to be less likely to suffer from the diseases their purebred conterparts.

#4 They Come with an Auto-Wash Cycle

A moggy will spend just as much time grooming as a purebred, and best of all, because the short-hair gene is dominant, most moggies don’t require much in the way of human grooming -- except, of course, from the odd brushing to cut down on hairballs. But a moggy is definitely the kind of low-maintenance cat you’ve always dreamed of having.

#3 They're a Little Geeky

You’ve heard it before about the occasional cat: “She’s gorgeous but not very smart.” Not so with a moggy. They’re usually very smart, especially the older, adopted cats. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their smarts and wily ways of navigating the world.

#2 They're Always a Surprise!

While some breeds are predisposed to certain personality traits, moggies have no such blueprint. It’s like having children. You don’t know what you’re going to get. But show them respect, love, and discipline, and you get the most amazing creature ever; one who is very much her own cat. It’s fun.

#1 They're Adorable

Of course they are! Cats are beautiful, elegant creatures -- even the clumsy ones (and we know a few, though we aren’t mentioning names). Their pride, elegance, and sleek felineness make them all adorable. Having beautiful things is good for the soul, especially when one of those beautiful things happens to be a living creature.

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