Birthday Parties for Cats? Obviously!

Cheryl Lock
Nov 12, 2014
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Image: Photo Grapher / via Image Bank

By Cheryl Lock

The lights are off. The guests are huddled excitedly on the ground. Suddenly, when the guest-of-honor saunters into the room, you throw the lights on and everyone jumps up and shouts “Surprise!”

Granted, a surprise birthday party is probably a little less fun when it’s for your cat (especially since she’d probably run and hide under the bed for the rest of the evening if you had a group of people jump up and yell at her). However, surprise party or not, it’s still a great idea to throw a rockin’ cat birthday party for your furry best friend. All you need are a few party staples, some fun friends, and you’ll be on your way.

The Guest List

Keep in mind that cats are pretty territorial, and as such it’s probably not the best idea to invite all the neighborhood cats over for the party. You can, however, invite all of your friends and any neighbors who may have had the pleasure of watching your cat in the past. Invite any and all people who have ever meant something to your cat — like Grandma and Grandpa — and consider asking a friend to take photos so you can spend your time hosting and not worrying about capturing all the fun on film. You might also consider asking your human guests to stand in for their kitty counterparts by dressing the part. Lion, tiger and leopard costumes are a good start.

The Décor

If you go with a tea themed party, you could easily work Cheshire Cat themed décor into the ambiance of your party and your guests could be greeted at the door with a tray of cute (and cheap!) kitty ears to wear throughout the party. Of course having the guests make the kitty ear themselves could also make for fun party entertainment. You can also easily add cute kitten faces to balloons, paper plates, and cups to add to the décor, as well.

The Games

Especially if you’ll be having young kids at the party, try fun and festive games like pin the tail on the cat (a unique twist on an old classic), or a kitty cupcake decorating contest where each person gets their own cupcake to design a cat face on for the chance at a prize.

The Gifts

Let’s face it, you’ll probably end up spoiling your cat for her birthday all on your own, without any help needed from your guests. As such, why not contact your local animal shelter and ask what they need? Then suggest on your invite that your guests come to the party with one of those items so you can donate the whole lot of gifts to the shelter after the party.

Image: vvvita / Shutterstock

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