Q. What type of collar that doesnt damage him? What to look for in buying a comb? I have a 3 year old German shepherd I have alot of questions

A. Hello. I am a certified positive reinforcement dog trainer, and for just $5 you can have a consultation with me where I can answer ALL and ANY of your questions. I am extremely detailed, and thorough.

You asked about a collar. Do not use choke or prong collars, as they are positive punishment and will unfortunately force your dog to make negative associations with walking on-leash. I recommend using a front hooking harness like the Sensible Harness: or the Sensation Harness: The only difference in these harnesses is that one has a comfort-flex band at the bottom. They are amazing harnesses for walking.. I seriously couldn't have trained my dog to walk nicely on-leash without the use of these harnesses. They are a life-saver for people with dogs who pull. I've had clients approach me with tears in their eyes because they cannot believe what a difference these harnesses made.

German Shepherd's are NOT easy breeds to care for. They need TONS of mental stimulation through positive reinforcement training sessions, and TONS of physical stimulation through multiple long walks daily. It takes a lot of work to keep a bred working-dog happy. I can help you out if you're interested in it. I'd seriously love to work with you. I hope to hear from you!

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A. If you have a lot of questions it may be a good idea to look for a local dog trainer in your area at a large pet store or purchase a One on One consultation with one of PetCoach's experts. Ask the dog trainer at the pet store about their schedules with a basic obedience class and what is covered in the class. The best thing about dog training classes is that you can ask your dog trainer other questions regarding health, training, and basic needs. They may suggest you see a vet with medical questions, but they should be able to give you basic dog care information. For brushes I recommend the Furminator line. For collars it depends on what issues you're having when walking. I would most likely recommend a chest harness, body harness, or gentle leader (head halter) for a three year old german shepherd.

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